Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Pacquiao vs Margarito Fight

Watch Pacquiao vs Margarito Fight - Even your father will tell you that Manny Pacquiao will beat Antonio Margarito in their November 13, 2010 clash at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. USA. This is also true to Freddie Roach where he is completely 100% confident that his fighter Manny Pacquiao will beat Antonio Margarito this Saturday night. Clearly, the famous trainer Roach’s ego is really wrapped up in this fight, since he’s trained and equipped Pacquiao for years and will take it personal if he gets whipped by Margarito.

This fight could mean all to Margarito and badly to Pacquiao as well. Why? Here we go! If Margarito wins, this could be all for him but to nothing to the whole team Pacquiao. Freddie Roach could be in danger of losing his popularity also and that mean less money. But for Pacquiao winning the fight, it is just a usual thing for now.

Everybody almost believes in the power and might of Pacquiao. His speed and power really kills. That’s his most advantage to Margarito having the longer reach and bigger body. This upcoming fight will be once more added as historic as it is. Pacquiao is the most elite fighter these days that anybody couldn’t dare to miss watching his fights. Now that it is numbered, I’m pretty sure that you are watching this match with belief in your hearts that this is an exciting fight.

Don’t forget to watch this fight and for sure you will be entertained as what Pacquiao’s career is meant to be. He is fighting out for his country’s pride and to give entertainment to the boxing aficionados around the world. Long live Manny Pacquiao. This is Pacquiao vs Margarito Fight.

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